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Top Questions Faced By Social Media Management

We asked marketers to indicate if they’d like to get answers to broad social media management and marketing questions. This survey gave us real insight to how many marketers are struggling with this concept. After having a incredible response from the analysis we decided to give them some of the answers they had been looking for in this article which is directly based on social media marketing skills.

The graph below indicates the percentage that agreed or strongly agreed that they were seeking answers to these questions.

At least 84% of marketers surveyed felt they were seeking answers to all of the following questions:

This can be summarized with the following keywords:

  • Tactics
  • Engagement
  • Paid
  • Measurement
  • Tools
  • Strategy
  • Audience


Social media engagement experience

Here’s how we determined the survey participants’ experience using social media administration to market their businesses.

Years using social page management

We asked participants how long they’ve been using social media for marketing.

Seventy-two percent of marketers surveyed have at least 2 years of social media marketing experience.

Is social media marketing your main job responsibility?

Slightly more than one out of three marketers said social content management was their full-time responsibility.

Note: For a detailed demographic breakdown of survey participants, see pages 41-43 of this report.

On the following pages, we asked marketers to rate their agreement with a few statements related to social media.

Social Media Management-Pie Chart

Is social media content management your main job responsibility?

Slightly more than one out of three marketers said social media marketing was their full-time responsibility.


Social Media Pie Chart

Measuring social media ROI

We wanted to understand marketers’ ability to measure the return on their social media activities, so we asked them to rate their agreement with the following statement: “I am able to measure the return on investment (ROI) for my social media activities.”

Only 44% agreed they’re able to measure their social activities. The ROI issue has plagued marketers for years. In 2017, 38% indicated they could measure ROI.

Social Media Manage


Effectiveness of Facebook marketing

We asked marketers if they agreed with the statement: “My Facebook marketing is effective.”

Forty-nine percent of marketers feel like their Facebook efforts are working, an increase from 42% in 2017. However, more than half of marketers either don’t know or indicated that their Facebook marketing is NOT working.

Social Media Managing

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Social Media Management


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